Project #3

The Highlanders

Project #3 - The Highlanders

Ross and Shug had realised after Wyoming that they worked very well together and agreed to form a new band. They were joined on drums by the very groovy Gordon Wilson who had played with Ross on the Sunset Gun album. On vocals they came across a dynamic young singer who went by the moniker of Flex.

“People got confused by the group name and kind of expected us to be a Ceilidh band, you know, a Scottish Country Dance band! But I thought it in the tradition of great soul bands like The Miracles, The Contours or maybe The Elgins. Or The Commitments even!”

A demo excited the record companies and they quickly signed up to Virgin Records. An album – A Perfect Crime – was recorded in Glasgow and Los Angeles, produced by Paul Fox and the band. From the album, Tell Me Things, written by Ross…