Project #1

Sunset Gun

Project #1 Sunset Gun

Sunset Gun were Ross and sisters Louise and Deirdre Rutkowski.

The sisters grew up singing songs they loved. But they wanted to write original material too, so they went looking for someone to help and found Ross.

He was blown away by their heavenly blend of voices that only sisters can have and he readily agreed to write with them.

“There was a joke doing the rounds in the city at the time that every band in Glasgow wanted to be either The Velvet Underground or Chic. Clearly we were aspiring to the later. The common thread between us was soul music.”

Their first demo had the majors queuing up for their signatures and they were snapped up by CBS. They released three singles and an album In an Ideal World, produced by Pete Wingfield and Bob Sargeant. One of these singles was Sister…

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