Kompass Strasse

Project #8 - MondoRosco

In 2017 Ross created MondoRosco.

Lots of people call him Rosco, so it was the natural choice as the nom de plume for his new album project – Kompass Strasse.

MondoRosco has put together a compendium of tunes drawing freely on a range of influences from down the years – Exotica, Lounge, Reggae, Fusion, Prog, Easy Listening, Intelligent DnB, Hip-Hop, Film Music, Kitsch, Chill – they’re all in there.

“When it came to placing the album on stores, it was really hard to pick which genre to choose!”

Mainly instrumental, but featuring the silky smooth voice of Lou Hickey on some tunes, including this one – The 2nd Time Around.


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